You’re in the right place at the right moment because you are..

  • You are grappling with chronic illnesses
  • Experiencing constant fatigue, mental confusion, and memory problems
  • Feeling anxious, depressed, and devoid of hope
  • Disappointed with conventional medicine not providing the results you deserve
  • Struggling with ongoing weight concerns
  • Unable to keep pace with life's demands
  • Battling autoimmune diseases
  • In a condition of persistent pain and inflammation
  • Suffering from fibromyalgia

Here's the TRUTH

The answers are not in the pill.

Doctors aren't solely responsible for fixing you.

You hold the power to shape your desired health.

You can reverse your biological age.

Transform Your Health

What if you could…

Have a step-by-step, easy-to-understand system to walk you through everything you need to:

  • Effortlessly eliminate chronic illness.
  • Attain mental sharpness and boundless energy.
  • Curate your medical team for YOUR health goals.
  • Bid farewell to perpetual dieting and shed stubborn weight.
  • Lead, while your peers strive to keep up.
  • Cultivate an immune system that champions you.
  • Embrace comfort and a pain-free life.

So YOU Can Finally

Become joyful, serene and full of zest for life.

Engage actively with your loved ones.

Rediscover the vibrance of your prime years.

Triumph in relationships, career, and well-being!

If you're nodding your head to any of these, then this course is designed specifically for YOU!

What You Will Learn?

  • ¬†Learn About the 4 Pillar Approach and how it can help you reverse your age
  • ¬†Learn about Biological Age VS Chronological age
  • ¬†the concept of bio-individuality
  • ¬†How thoughts and way of thinking impacts your health
  • ¬†How to reprogram the thinking pattern to facilitate age reversal
  • ¬†Learn about the Role of nutrition and optimizing your health
  • ¬†Learn about Inflammation and how it affects your body
  • ¬†How to eat to minimize inflammation
  • ¬†Learn about the Importance of physical activity to minimize inflammation and to age reverse
  • ¬†Understanding the importance of strength and endurance training, exploring exercises and techniques, and incorporating progressive overload and proper form for optimal results.
  • ¬†Learn about hormonal optimization to reduce the damage caused to the body
  • ¬†Discover unexpected consequences of hormonal imbalances
  • Learn about Regenerative Medicine Therapies to Consider

Online Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to the Ultimate Health Optimization Program and Introduction to LeNae and Trip Goolsby MD

Module 2

Why The Mind-Body Connection

Module 3

Nutritional Optimization

Module 4

Physical Optimization

Module 5

Metabolic and Hormonal Optimization

Bonus Module

Regenerative Medicine Therapies to Consider




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Biological Aging Testing Kit


 45 min Initial Consultation


 Lab Order +  45 min

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Course + Biological Aging Testing Kit + 3 Lab Orders  

Duration : 6 months 

Up to 11 visual Zoom consultations

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"I have been struggling with diabetes, obesity, and degenerative arthritis. I decided to take the Infinite Health Mastery Course offered by Dr. Trip and LeNae Goolsby, and it turned out to be the best decision I've ever made for my health. The course is incredibly comprehensive, covering everything from the importance of mindset to the role of nutrition and physical activity in managing health conditions. The 4 Pillar Approach is revolutionary, providing a holistic framework to address my health issues. What struck me most was the emphasis on biological versus chronological age. It helped me understand that despite my age and current health status, I still have the potential to reverse my conditions and lead a healthier life. As a person struggling with chronic illnesses for many years now, the course has enlightened me to the possibility of reversing my diseases and offered a roadmap for my treatment approach. The treatment strategies suggested by Dr. Trip are far more intricate and all-encompassing than what a typical doctor would propose, and they are effective. I was fascinated by how the course unveiled the world of hormonal optimization and regenerative medicine therapies. It was truly a revelation! These promising treatments have instilled in me hope for a future where I can handle my conditions with greater efficacy. Dr. Trip and LeNae's course is not just informative; it's inspiring. I feel more energized, my sleep quality has improved, and I've managed to restore some hormone balance, all contributing to a better quality of life. It's a must for anyone dealing with chronic health issues like me. Thank you, Dr. Trip and LeNae, for this life-changing course.

- Jorge, 46 y.o - struggling with diabetes, obesity and degenerative arthritis


"Opting for the platinum package was a game-changer for me. It included a Biological Aging Testing Kit, an initial consultation of 45 minutes, a Lab order, and a follow-up consultation to interpret the results. The four-pillar approach was instrumental in helping me overcome my fibromyalgia. The introduction to novel regenerative and precision medical therapies worked wonders in alleviating my lupus symptoms. So much so, I was able to stop my medications altogether! I'm thriving to such an extent that it's hard to even recognize my old self. I highly recommend the platinum offer - the lab order and interpretation session alone provide invaluable insights into your health, equipping you with the knowledge needed to start healing yourself."

- Kathleen, 43 yo, struggling with lupus, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression


Results Speak Louder Than Words


"I Feel Like I'm 20 Years Old Again"



"So it wasn't a dramatic shift initially, but noticeable. And I'd have to say there's just this past month about the fourth or fifth month in with some minor adjustments and tweaks with the treatment. It's, I mean, absolutely. Dr. Goolsby's promise of feeling like you're 20 again has actually come to fruition. So yeah, I mean, it's worth the work and it's worth the time because I feel better than I felt in a long time. Awesome."


"Getting On Hormones and Regenerative Treatment Turned My Life Around."

 "I was starting to feel like I had a loss of energy and it was extremely painful for me to walk. My friend mentioned Dr. Goolsby's program, who saw amazing results in herself. After one regenerative treatment on each knee, I was able to climb Machu Picchu.

Also I resisted hormones because of wrong information given to me by my OBGYN, but  Dr. Goolsby provided current accurate information and I'm so glad he did ...and so as my husband."


"I Could Finally Play Tennis Again And Live Without Chronic Hip Pain"


"I would definitely recommend it. I mean, that's just me and that was my result. But everybody's different. But it really helped me. Well, I've been doing the hormone replacement therapy, and that's really helped me a lot too. That's really just brought me back to life. Giving me a lot of energy and just life renewal. It's just been wonderful. It's been a wonderful experience."



"I Reversed My Biological Age by 15 Years"


"When I came into Dr. Goolsby's office, I felt grouchy, couldn't sleep well, my marriage was deteriorating and  I lost all interest in my law practice. After doing Dr. Goolsby's program I am energetic, having expanded my business 4x, while growing younger and my marriage is better than it has ever been."


"I Feel Happy, Joyous, Peaceful, Elevated and Calm"


"I had weight gain and horrible  fatigue. My social connections were compromised. Something had to be changed, so I got on the Health Optimisation Program, which I found on the internet. After following through with it, I lost more than 20 pounds, regained confidence in intimacy, I'm energetic, doing lots of scuba diving and swimming laps again. I got my life back "


"We Almost Lost Our Farm"



"I had bad night sweats and could not walk up the stairs. Each time I had to sit down, lift myself up using hands and it was exhausting. Thanks to Dr. Goolsby, I can now climb the vertical ladder in the barn to help my husband with the hay bales. Also after my husband took the program I no longer have to pull him off the couch. " 


Don't wait for tomorrow to take control of your health! Embrace the opportunity to transform your life with the Infinite Health Mastery Course. Start your journey towards vitality, wellness, and a more fulfilling life now.


Click the 'Sign Up' button today and step into a healthier, happier you!

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